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Incident communication made easy


Save hours during critical times with our hosted status pages. Communicate about incidents & maintenance effectively.

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What sets us apart

There are dozens of status page providers out there, why choose us?

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Unlimited status pages

Configure as many status pages as you need, we won’t charge you extra. Have one for staging, testing and prod.

Intelligent status pages

StatusPal status pages are designed from the ground up to manage themselves, thanks for powerful automations.

Responsive Live chat support

We’re one click away for any questions or doubts you might have. We’ll be there by your side during onboarding and after.

Multi-language status pages

We support 10+ languages. And you can enable multi-language for your status page with a few clicks.

Painless SSO

Proactively communicate incidents and scheduled maintenances to your customers.

Fair pricing

Get all that you need from a status page, and even more. Without breaking bank.

More about StatusPal

A feature-packed tool to communicate incidents.

Your system status in one place

Increase awareness of application performance and availability

Keep a centralised dashboard that showcases your system’s performance and availability thanks to our powerful uptime graphs, uptime calendar and dashboard metrics.

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Intelligent status pages

Automate your incident reporting

Our powerful automations can report and close incidents for you, all while keeping your customers informed.
So you can focus on what matters most instead.

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Powerful notifications

Stop the never ending “Is the service down?” support tickets

Our intelligent status pages automate incident communication for you, sending incident update notifications to the right people exactly where they are.

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Unlimited integrations

StatusPal Integrates nicely with the tools you already use and love.

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Powerful API

Built with Developer’s productivity in mind

Our powerful yet simple API allows you to fully manage your status page and all important resources in it. Create powerful custom integrations that are limited only by your inventiveness.


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StatusPal is ISO 27001 Certified

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Eduardo Messuti

August 24, 2022

At StatusPal we take information security and data privacy very seriously, that’s why over the last months we’ve taken upon ourselves to get ISO 27001 certified.

StatusPal is ISO 27001 Certified
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