Affiliate Program

Earn up to 30% for three years for paying StatusPal plan referrals

Introduce your clients and friends to StatusPal, and earn up to 30% recurring revenue for every subscription. Join our affiliate program and accelerate your business growth.

What’s the payout?

We'll pay out a share of the revenue for each client you refer to StatusPal for the first three years of their subscription.

  • Earn 30% revenue for sign-ups in year one
  • Earn 15% revenue in year two
  • Earn 5% revenue in the third year

How much could I earn?

Based on a referred client signing up for a €299/month StatusPal Business Plan and subscribing for a minimum of three years.

  • Refer five clients and earn 8.970 €
  • Refer ten clients and earn 17.940 €
  • Refer fifteen clients and earn 26.910 €