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Unlimited public status pages for individuals.

$4630% Off$32/ month

  • Public status pages
  • Team members5
  • Subscribers500
  • Monitored services10
  • Any language

Unlimited status pages for small teams.

$9940% Off$59/ month

  • Public & private pages
  • Team members20
  • Subscribers1,000
  • Monitored services30
  • Languages2
  • External services statusNew !
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Unlimited status pages for companies.

$29950% Off$150/ month

  • Public & private pages
  • Team members50
  • Subscribers4,000
  • Monitored services100
  • Languages3
  • External services statusNew !
  • Single Sign-On+

Talk to us about your custom needs.

20% OffCustom

  • Public & private pages
  • Team membersCustom
  • SubscribersCustom
  • Monitored servicesCustom
  • LanguagesCustom
  • External services statusNew !
  • Single Sign-On+
  • SSO role provisioningNew !
  • Audience specific+

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Startup for Early-Stage Companies

If you are a company with less than 4 employees, up to 300k in funding and less than 2 years old you can get 40% off our Startup plan for up to 1 year!

Free StatusPal - Heroku Add-On

If you’re a Heroku user, you’re in luck; we’re giving away a free status page during our Heroku alpha stage! Hurry up. Only 3 free add-ons remain!

Status Page2 team members1 monitored service50 subscriptions

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is a team member?

  • What are subscribers?

  • What does "monitored service" mean?

  • What are viewer members and how do the differ from subscribers?

  • Can I manage multiple status pages in my account?

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