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Status page notifications

Powerful notifications over unlimited channels

Send real-time incident and maintenance notifications to your customers. Precisely about what they care about, and right where they are (Slack, Email, SMS, MS Teams, and many more).

Communicate proactively

Reduce servicedesk calls, and communicate proactively during downtime without the stress

Automate your incident communication strategy thanks to our powerful notifications.

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Unlimited communication channels

Never leave a customer wondering what’s going on

Send incident and maintenance alerts over Email, SMS, chat applications (Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat), and more!

Fully customizable subscriptions

Let your customers subscribe to precisely what they care about

Per service

Receive notifications about specific components only.

Incident specific

Get notifications only about one incident or maintenance.


Notifications about every incident and maintenance event.

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The final solution to all your incident notification needs

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Calendar and RSS feed subscriptions

See upcoming maintenance directly in their calendar app, as well as their RSS feed.

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Multiple communication channels per subscription

Notify over Email, Slack and RSS over in just one step, your customers will thank you for it.

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Custom email notification templates

Easily customize and fully brand your status page notifications emails.

Getting started

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