Why StatusPal is a better alternative to Better Uptime

Discover why many IT, software, and retail companies have chosen StatusPal as their no.1 choice for a status page.

The most complete alternative

StatusPal enables businesses to communicate incidents and system maintenance in real-time with powerful and modern public or private status pages. Easily keep customers and stakeholders informed and in the loop.

FeaturesStatusPalBetter Uptime
Public status page
Private status page (SSO)
Audience specific
Status Page Automations
StatusPal - Powerful notifications
More Powerful Notifications

Effective incident and maintenance communication requires more than simple Email notifications. StatusPal supports all the critical notifications channels you need. And if there's one missing, use our powerful API and webhooks or implement your own.

MS Teams
Google Chat
StatusPal - Private status page
Private status pages

StatusPal can be set up to communicate incidents and maintenance to a private audience. Grant access only to customers and team members you have invited through your Admin panel, either to a single private status page or to your entire organization.

User + Password auth.
Single Sign-On
Network IP restrictions
SSO roles provisioning
StatusPal - Automation
Status Page Automations

StatusPal is built from the ground up to save you time, bundled with several features that reduce the work it takes to manage your status page. One of our exclusive features is recurring maintenance tasks, which enables you to setup maintenance events on a recurring basis.

Optimized & Friendly UI

Report incidents in seconds thanks to our minimal and super-friendly admin dashboard, which supports incident templates, recurring maintenances, and much more. With a few clicks, you'll be ready to take care of what matters most: solving the incident.

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Better Uptime Powered Status Page
Better Uptime Powered Status Page
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Eduardo Messuti

January 24, 2023

Better Uptime is a robust uptime monitoring and tracking tool that helps businesses ensure the availability and reliability of their websites and online services. It continuously monitors the performance and availability of a website or application and provides real-time alerts and notifications in case of disruptions or outages.

You can also check out this and other integrations we support at our integrations page.

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