Restrict access

Private status pages for your business

Keep authorized customers and stakeholders informed during incidents & maintenance with a private/internal status page. Single Sign-On available.

StatusPal - Private status page

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IP restriction

Restrict access by network IP

Enable an additional layer of security and configure your status page to be accessible only from some networks or devices by their IP, useful for internal status pages.

StatusPal - IP restriction illustration
StatusPal - IP restriction illustration

Secure access

Restrict your status page to authenticated members

Grant access to only customers and team members you have invited through your Admin panel, either to a single status page or your entire organization.

Single Sign-On

Uncomplicated SSO for your team and status page

Easily enable Single Sign-On to authenticate seamlessly via centralized, company-controlled identity providers like Okta, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and many more.

StatusPal - SSO illustration

"We rely on StatusPal to receive timely updates on the availability of certain parts of our platform. StatusPal turned out to be a very stable and trustworthy tool that we highly recommend"

Steffen WenzCTO

"Setting up a status page with StatusPal made it smooth to publish our Cloud environment uptime. It is a brilliant tool for us to be transparent with our customers and inform them about service issues or maintenance windows."

ArvanCloudCustomer Satisfaction Hero

"StatusPal Rocks!!! I have written a plugin to control StatusPal page via their API. Any questions they are quick to respond, and fix any issues overnight! - Great Experience!"

Wayne LawrenceHead of IT Operations

"Moving to StatusPal to manage notifications for outages and planned work has been a great decision for our business. The portal is easy to set up and use and customer feedback has been excellent."

Matt CornishDevOps manager

The complete solution for your SSO needs

StatusPal - Multi-provider SSO illustration
Multi-provider SSO

Enable multiple SSO configuration within one StatusPal organizations, even with different SSO providers.

StatusPal - Role provisioning from SAML attributes illustration
Role provisioning from SAML attributes

Automatically configure your StatusPal member roles based on SAML attributes.

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