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Competency, economic gain, and peace of mind are just a few reasons why so many CTOs, DevOps, & Support teams are switching to StatusPal and making it their no.1 choice for a status page.

Why are teams choosing StatusPal?

High-performing technical teams are switching to StatusPal as they outgrow Atlassian Statuspage due to cost and missing features.

StatusPal lets you communicate incidents and system maintenance in real-time effectively for a fraction of the price, with unlimited public and private status pages packed with features that save you time.

Get peace of mind with our integrated monitoring and automate your incident communication process.

Public & Private Status Pages
Audience Specific
External Services Status
Unlimited Status Pages
Monitoring & Automations
Multi-channel Subscriptions
Subscription Groups
AI-Powered Multi-language
StatusPal - Monitoring

StatusPal is built from the ground up to save you time, bundled with features that reduce the effort it takes to manage a status page.

By monitoring your status page, we can alert your team if one of your services goes down. We can also automatically report incidents and optionally notify your subscribers.

StatusPal - Automation

Streamline your incident communication process with integrated monitoring, incident automation from external monitoring & alerting services, templates, and recurring tasks.

One of our exclusive features is recurring maintenance tasks, which enable you to set up maintenance events on a recurring basis.

StatusPal - Multi-lang
AI-Powered Multi-language status pages

Communicate incidents and maintenance in your customers language. With StatusPal you can display your status page in any language, even multiple languages all at once.

Our powerful AI can automatically translate your incidents and maintenance for you. You can, of course, review and amend this translation before sending our alerts.

Fair pricing policy

Public Status Page
1k subscribers
Private Status Page
100 employees
Audience Specific
100 employees
1 check

With StatusPal you'll get the most value out of your money, saving up to 60% compared to Atlassian’s Statuspage. That's not even taking our monitoring service into account, which can save you even more on other services.

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StatusPal vs Atlassian Statuspage
StatusPal vs Atlassian Statuspage
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Eduardo Messuti

February 12, 2021

Discover 5 Reasons why StatusPal is preferred over Atlassian Statuspage for proactive and cost-effective incident communication.