[Podcast] Statuspal Running in Production

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Eduardo Messuti

June 15, 2021

[Podcast] Statuspal Running in Production

Join our CEO Eduardo Messuti in the ▶️ Running in Production podcast, where he and host Nick Janetakis talk about the different challenges that go behind the curtains in running a hosted status page & monitoring platform using Elixir and Phoenix since 2017.

Some of the subjects discussed are:

  • How picking Elixir as the backend impacted the project early on as it was maturing.
  • Hosting the platform in DigitalOcean and Heroku.
  • How we manage to serve ~500k requests/day.
  • How we created a Restful API to send batch email through our customer's SMTP servers.
  • How we use Docker and docker-compose together with Github actions for deployment.
  • What's our experience with hiring Elixir developers.

For this and much more interesting insights listen to the podcast at:

▶️ The Running in Production podcast ▶️

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