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API V2 out of Beta, Google and Github authorisation

June 30, 2022

Sign in and sign up with Google and Github, our API V2 is out of beta, and some translation improvements.

🚀 API V2 is out of Beta

After some very hard work, we're pleased to announce our API V2 is finally out of Beta! This means we won't be pushing any more breaking changes to this version of our API, so it's safe fo you to start integrating it in production.

To find out more about the changes introduced in this new API version please refer to our help article:

StatusPal API V2 Changes

For our new API documentation we decided to use a new tool to generate the documentation from our OpenAPI specification, the tool is Redoc, which is helping us generate a more readable and beautiful documentation:

API V2 screenshot

🔑 Sign in and sign up with Google and Github

We've noticed many of our business users have Google and our technical users (DevOps/SRE/IT) have Github, so we've made it easier for you to sign up with one click.

It is now possible for new users to sign up with Google or Github, making it easier and more secure to maintain your StatusPal account and sign in with just one click!

🌎 Translation improvements

It was brought to our attention that some fields were missing to be translated in the status pages, namely the subscription edit button, some fields in the slack subscription form, and the services select labels.

This is now fixed and you should be able to fully translate your status page!

🇩🇰 Better Danish language support

Our Danish translation has been reviewed and greatly improved, providing better support for our beloved Danish customers.