New feature

Status Banner Widget, Custom Incident Types, API Improvements and more

October 27, 2022

Display your system's status directly in your website or HelpDesk via our new Status banner widget. Configure custom incident severity. New Mattermost integration And much more!

⚠️ Status banner widget

It is now possible to display a status banner directly in your website communicating about ongoing incidents or upcoming maintenances!

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In order to configure your status banner follow the instructions on our help article.

🛠 Custom incident types

It is now possible to configure custom incident types, configure custom levels of severity for your incidents thanks this this new and powerful feature.

This is a new and beta feature, in order to have it enabled in your account please email us at support@statuspal.io

💬 Mattermost Integration

Developer and DevOps teams can finally receive incident status updates directly in their Mattermost chat rooms!

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Find more information in our Mattermost integration page.

👨‍💻 API Improvements

It is now possible to fully manage your status page services from our API as well as improved subscription filtering:

  • New API endpoints

    • POST /status_pages/:subdomain/services
    • GET PUT /status_pages/:subdomain/services/:id
    • PUT /status_pages/:subdomain/services/:id
    • DELETE PUT /status_pages/:subdomain/services/:id
  • Improved endpoint

    • GET /status_pages/:subdomain/subscriptions?filter=email_OR_phone