New feature

Auto Maintenance Notifications and more

February 02, 2023

Automatically notify your subscribers before a maintenance starts, on start and end. And customize the reply-to field in your subscription notification emails!

🤖 Auto maintenance notifications

Thanks to this new powerful feature, you won't have to manually add a maintenance update to communicate to your subscribers that a maintenance is about to start or has been completed.

Send auto maintenance notifications to your status page subscribers

Enable this setting, and we'll automatically notify your subscribers before your maintenance starts, on start and end, all with one click!

To learn more about this new feature and how to enable it, head to our help article Auto Maintenance Notifications for your Status Page.

📪 Subscription notifications Reply-to setting

Configuring the "reply-to" field of your subscription emails is now possible. This new setting applies to the subscription confirmation and incident notification emails.

Access this new setting under your Subscription > Settings.

Status page incident notification reply-to email setting