New feature

Refreshed Admin UI, subscription groups, incoming webhook automation, and more!

August 10, 2023

✨ Refreshed Admin UI

We made some changes to your Admin Dashboard UI to make working with StatusPal even more enjoyable; say hello to our new and improved UI!

Navigating between our powerful features is easier than ever with our updated sidebar, with collapsible sections more clearly grouping the different menu items.

🎯 Subscription groups

Notify specific subscribers not only depending on what services they have picked but also according to your specific needs for a given incident or maintenance.

Status page subscription groups

🤖 Incident automation via incoming webhooks

Since our inception, we have allowed our customers to automate incident reporting from 3rd party monitoring tools via inbound email addresses, which is great, and some users even used it for reporting incidents from their emails client instead of our UI; well played ;)

But parsing these emails from 3rd party monitoring tools can sometimes be unreliable, as notification emails are subject to change without prior notice. That's why we're now introducing incoming webhooks as another incident automation trigger.

status page incident automation via webhook

Incoming webhooks are much more reliable as their format doesn't usually change over time without prior notification and major version updates.

We're starting with StatusCake support, and we'll be adding more monitoring services in the coming weeks.

📝 WYSIWYG editor

We've supported markdown format for rich text for a long time. However, we lacked a nice toolbar with shortcuts to the different formatting options supported. This is now fixed, thanks to our new and powerful WYSIWYG editor available everywhere markdown is supported, like incident update descriptions and incident templates.

status page incident markdown editor WYSIWYG

🐥 New Twitter settings

With our new Twitter settings available in "Subscription > settings," you can set the "Tweet" checkbox you see when reporting an incident to be checked by default.

Or, you can choose to hide it completely if you're not interested in tweeting.

🗂️ Service private descriptions

It's now possible to configure a private description for your services, which will then be only visible within the admin UI.

Useful to keep information available for your status page managing team on each service.

🔥 Other small but important improvements

These are some smaller but not less important improvements:

  • It's now possible to rotate your personal API key.
  • Services information is now available in the Subscriptions list (Admin UI), so you don't have to click on each subscription to see this.
  • The custom incident types feature is now generally available via the Admin UI so that you can customize your incident types in a few clicks.
  • Information notices are also generally available and accessible via the sidebar under "Incidents > information notices."
  • New Dependency external status pages available: PagerDuty, Labelbox, MongoDB Cloud, CircleCI, NetDocuments UK, Exclaimer, Zoom, Platform.sh, Vercel, ShipStation, Twilio, and AWS is coming next week!