Status page information notice notifications & status widget integration

March 25, 2024

ℹ️ Information notices improvements

We introduced information notices some months ago as many customers wanted the ability to communicate about updates that don't affect system status, like version updates, important behavior changes on existing systems, and whatnot.

We started simple, with information notices as a simple Markdown entry and a "featured" toggle. After a huge success and wide adoption from our customer base, followed by invaluable feedback, we give you Information Notices 2.0.

Information notices are now first-class citizens of the StatusPal platform. They support the same powerful features as status page incidents and maintenance, like selecting affected services, email notifications, per-service subscription filters, subscription groups, status widget integration, and more!

Status page - information notice admin

✅ Services selection

It was brought to our attention that information notices, while not affecting the status of services, can be closely related to some. So, allowing users to select "affected services" as part of an information notice only made sense.

Affected services can be left empty for information notices that are unrelated to any in particular. Services' status won't change from active information notices.

✉️ Information notice Email notifications

Send email notifications to your status page subscribers as you do with incidents and maintenance. Simply check the “Notify email subscribers” when creating or updating a status page information notice.

⚡️ Subscription group notifications

Notify only specific subscription groups about information notices, the same as you can do for incidents and maintenance.

⚠️ Information notice + status widget integration

Display your ongoing information notices directly in your status badge banner, proactively informing your website or Helpdesk visitors about incidents, maintenance, and now other important information that does not affect your system status.


🚀 And more!

  • Select exactly from what date until what date an information notice should be featured on your status page's home page.
  • You can now publish multiple updates to one information notice, and you can notify your subscribers about each update separately.
  • Send Tweets automatically when posting an information notice update.

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the status page incident email notifications to contain missing translations in the subject line.
  • Fixed missing permissions that were not allowing the user of the POST /members API endpoints.
  • Started sending email List-Unsubscribe-Post and List-Unsubscribe headers in our status page notification emails.