New feature

Improved invitation flow, private status page invite link, new status page API endpoints, and more!

May 07, 2024

🎯 Improved team member invitation flow

We heard you loud and clear! The team member invitation flow was cumbersome, and it took a few too many steps for your team members to accept an invite to manage your status page.

We’ve greatly streamlined this process. Your team members will receive a “magic link” in the invitation email to manage your status page, which will automatically add them to it in one click.

Private status page invitation email

Furthermore, they can start collaborating on your status page right away and confirm their email within the next seven days.

⚡️ Streamlined status page viewer member invitation flow

Similar to the team member invitation flow, inviting users to get access to your private status page was more complicated than it should have been. This is not a problem anymore!

When inviting a customer or stakeholder to access your private status page, they will receive a “magic link” that allows them to sign up directly on your status page instead of via our Admin Console. Upon signing up, they will be automatically redirected to your status page instead of being sent to our Admin Console.

status page registration page

They won’t be blocked by the need to confirm their email. Instead, they will get access immediately and must confirm their email within seven days to keep access to your status page.

On top of the above improvements over the private status page invitation flow, we’ve added a new feature that should make your invitation process even smoother.

private status page invite link

Under your status page privacy settings, configure the email domains which you’d like to enable direct sign-up access to your private status page, and copy the magic “Invite Link” we provide you to share it with anyone who should be able to sign up to your status page directly 🤯 Yes, that’s right, no manual invitation sending is needed!

🤖 Status page API endpoints

We’ve added new API endpoints to manage every setting of your existing or new status page. Create, update, list, edit, and retrieve your status pages easily thanks to our powerful status page API.

🔐 Private service subscriptions

Previously, services marked as “private” could not be selected when creating a subscription, even from within the Admin Site. Now, we’ve added support for creating subscriptions to private services via the status page’s Admin Site.

Subscriptions to private services will behave as expected, and notify you about incidents affecting the private service.

status page subsription private service