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Google Calendar + StatusPal Status Page

Notify status page subscribers about upcoming maintenance events in Google Calendar.


Optimized for Google Calendar

Our Google Calendar integration doesn't rely on iCal, which Google only partially supports.

Instead, we use the Google Calendar API directly to guarantee timely and reliable Calendar synchronization for your status page maintenance events.

Supported events

Currently, only scheduled maintenance windows are supported, but adding support for status page incidents is in our roadmap.

Why a Google Calendar integration for your status page?

Many customers reported that iCal integration would not reliably synchronize with Google Calendar, sometimes taking many hours or even days to pull new events, and other times not synchronizing at all.

After some research, we discovered that Google's support for iCal pulling is quite limited and unreliable. So we decided to implement this integration with Google's Calendar API directly to ensure reliable synchronization with your status page maintenance windows.

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