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New AI-powered docs, command bar, Google Calendar status page integration, generic webhooks

January 11, 2024

We haven't posted product updates in a bit, but that doesn't mean we haven't been cooking up some game-changing new features to make your incident communication even more effective keeping your status pages reliable yet powerful.

So, this changelog entry is juicer than normal, packed with powerful new features, improvements, and bug fixes!

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๐Ÿ“• Meet our new AI-powered documentation

Our Knowledge Base has plenty of great help articles and answers to common questions, but it lacks the structure and order necessary to have a linear and intuitive learning path for new and experienced users.

To fix this, we're introducing our new Documentation Portal: docs.statuspal.io โ†’.

In our new Documentation Portal, you'll find a much better-structured list of articles, classified logically in a neat tree view that you can explore to find your way from newbie to expert StatusPal status page user.


StatusPal status page old docs


StatusPal status page new docs

โœจ You can also ask any questions to our documentation, and its powerful AI will answer according to its knowledge!

status page AI-powered documentation

โšก๏ธ Introducing Command Bar

Access common actions with just a few keystrokes thanks to our new and powerful command bar. Create incidents, maintenance, information notices, and more without even touching your mouse!

You will find the command bar button next to our log at the top right whenever you're managing your status page.

Status page command bar button

Upon clicking on the command button (or using the shortcut COMMAND/CTRL + K), the command bar will show up, providing common options like creating and updating incidents, maintenance, and information notices.

StatusPal status page command bar

We're continuing to work on the command bar, so expect many more improvements, support for more commands, and search across your status page resources!

๐Ÿ“† Google Calendar status page subscription

Our new integration with Google Calendar allows for native and reliable subscription to status page maintenance windows in a Google Calendar.

Even though Google Calendars allows for importing a .iCal subscription like the one we've been supporting for years now, the rate at which they refresh their calendars from a .iCal feed is just unreliable. Since we know many of our customers (and their customers) rely on Google Calendar, we're launching native support for it.

Enable this new status page subscription channel under your status page Subscription > Settings page. Once enabled, your status page users will see a new tab when subscribing called "Google Calendar," which prompts them for an email address, to which we'll send a Google Calendar subscription invite.

StatusPal status page Google Calendar subscription integration

This way, your customers and stakeholders can subscribe to a Google Calendar, where they'll be able to see upcoming status page maintenance windows reliably.

๐Ÿค– UptimeRobot incoming webhook support

We've added native support for UptimeRobot incoming webhooks. Incoming webhooks are a more reliable way of automating incident reporting from external monitoring services than our legacy inbound email addresses.

Configure UptimeRobot to send webhook events from failing monitoring checks, and we'll automatically create and close incidents for you in your StatusPal status page.

๐Ÿ”Œ Incoming webhook generic payload parsing

We already support incoming webhooks from StatusCake and UptimeRobot natively, and we'll continue to add more. In fact, feel free to suggest any monitoring service you'd like to see added at support@statuspal.io.

But, for any webhook-capable monitoring service, we don't natively support yet, you can now automate your status page incident reporting thanks to our new and powerful support for generic payload parsing via JSONPath configuration.

To start using this powerful new feature, simply edit a service under your StatusPal Admin UI and select "Webhook" under the "Monitoring and incident automation" section, then select "Custom JSONPath" from the "Monitoring service" dropdown:

Status page incident automation with incoming generic webhook

๐Ÿ“Š Metrics improvements

We've released plenty of great improvements around our metrics, starting with an update to the underlying frontend library rendering them. This provides our status pages with a new and refreshed look on its metric charts, making them more responsive, lightweight to load, and sleeker.

Status page updated metric charts

Other improvements to our metrics are:

  1. Option to display a horizontal threshold line across the metric, which you can configure under the metric form.
  2. Setting to configure what statistic to display in the metric with the following options to choose from: Average, maximum, current/last.
  3. New look for uptime type of metrics. Status page new uptime metrics

๐Ÿฆ New "Billing" role for team members

With the new "Billing" role for organization-level team members, you can grant access to your accountant or office manager to access and download your StatusPal organization's invoices.

Status page billing team member role